The Ebeling Group’s Trizz Drives TaylorMade’s Hi-Tech SLDR Iron Campaign

The aesthetic beauty of form and function are on display in this sleek campaign for Taylor Made helmed by The Ebeling Group’s directing collective, Trizz. With modern and innovative direction and design, Trizz showcases the high-tech craftsmanship behind TaylorMade’s SLDR iron for the new ad entitled “Beautiful Machine,” out of Venice-based agency Zambezi.

Trizz is the Barcelona-based design, direction, and VFX production studio founded by Executive Producer Christopher Vulpi and Creative Director Oriol Puig, represented by The Ebeling Group. Their latest project for TaylorMade is a testament to the sophistication and artistry that Trizz brings to the world of animation. Trizz’s expertise in the field of fluid dynamics shines, as it is one of the most difficult forms of animation to do well. It is challenging to animate liquid convincingly, let alone to do it elegantly.

The spot combines sexy and energetic shots of liquefied metal forming the golf club and modern particle animation to bring to life the story of structural tests actually conducted during the club’s creation. These fluid simulations allow the viewer to experience the high-tech performance engineering being infused into the product as a sinuous river of molten metal forms itself into the club. The refined design of the completed SLDR iron is exhibited in all its cutting-edge elegance with a graceful sequence that shows off its myriad facets.

The goal was to showcase the complex craftsmanship of TaylorMade’s “beautiful machine” and impart the feeling of owning something powerful yet refined to the viewer. The animation style achieved by Trizz does just that, communicating perfectly TaylorMade’s combined goals: to represent the science and technology, the power behind their SLDR clubs and to entice golf enthusiasts with this product’s “affordable luxury.”


Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Director: Trizz
Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Executive Producer: Mick Ebeling
Producer: Mat Lundberg
Executive Producer [Trizz]: Chris Vulpi
Producer [Trizz]: Oriol Vives

Agency: Zambezi
Creative Director: Kevin Buth
Art Director: Vikas Bhalla
Copywriter: Scott Myers
Executive Producer: Alex Cohen
Producer: Katrina Nahikian