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After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs Disease, fully paralyzed LA artist “TemptOne” gets his creative voice back through an unlikely friendship with a perfect stranger. Getting Up is a documentary about the life of artist TemptOne and the quest to give him back his ability to do art. It asks the question, ‘How does a fallen man get back up?’

Mick Ebeling founded the Not Impossible Foundation in order to give a voice back to TEMPT, and in 2009 an open-source DIY device called ‘The EyeWriter’ was created that allowed TEMPT to once again do his art. Getting Up beautifully illustrates that through the will of two men, and on the shoulders of a community, anything is possible.


Getting Up is about way more than graffiti or technology. It’s about‚ inspired hope and perseverance,  and highlights the power of open collaboration.


“A moving… uplifting example of the power of the collective creative spirit”


“Words grossly underserve me in describing GETTING UP, a film about lives driven by images and creativity… celebrates a triumph of mind over matter and it made me weep… which despite being a sensitive artsy type, I don’t do very often. The inspiration, compassion and generosity demonstrated in this film will make an impression on even those with the most cynical view of humanity.”


“Inspiring. Entertaining. Hopeful and heartwarming… a film that will make you smile and think positively about the future of one bedridden artist and of all mankind.”